Perception is a collaboration between muralist Louis Chinn and photographer Lauren Crew. It is a mixed media project based around the theme of an individual’s emotional cycle of breakdown and putting one's self back together.

The installation includes a participatory element that lets viewers see the piece through different perspectives. Each viewfinder has a different colored transparency varying  in opacity.  The limitation of the perspective via each pinhole view was a statement on the temporary and finite view we  have, at any given point, on the "truth" of what is actually happening.

Often we are faced with emotions that can cripple us; feelings that cause pain and complexity in our mundane lives. Yet through a variety of support and inspiration and a strong connection to self, we learn to pick ourselves up and move toward what feels right for ourselves. We become stronger. We expand. We connect.

Watch the video above to get a closer look at our installation and click here to see pictures of the opening night.