When I was young girl, I enthusiastically looked forward to my mom getting ready in the morning. Her morning ritual meant that it was time to be absorbed in the world of curlers, hairspray, powders, creams, tints, brushes, blush and lipstick. “Grab me my lipstick”, she would say. As I would open it, I’d stare at the intricacy of the shape that had formed from months, maybe years of applications. My curiosity of its shape and form along with how and why we apply lipstick inspired me to make this series.

Lustre explores the various types of women and their relationship with their lipstick. This project speaks to the process and the fairytale sensibilities of beauty expectations while highlighting the radiance of each woman. Interspersed throughout the photographs are quotes from the subjects about how lipstick makes them feel. The above video was projected on a large wall, on loop during the opening night of the show.