INSULA is a mixed media, street art sculpture created by artists Louis Chinn and Lauren Crew. The project consists of sculptures that depict a scene that has become all too familiar; a cross-section of people together but alone, slouched over their smart phones. The figures' faces are painted white with messages and symbols that question and address the many layers of the universal reliance on our need to connect and belong by using our smart phones.

INSULA was made in attempt to explore our addiction to mobile communication, specifically smart phones, and the climate of our ability to connect in real life. Meeting face to face now consists of constant checking of our phones, minimal eye contact and a general lack of presence. Our jobs, hobbies, social life and idle time is all online which leaves little room for a mindful connection and conversation in real life. The constant need to check, post or share a potential thought or idea or activity has become the norm. It is as if we want to be together but also elsewhere at the same time. We all want to belong, be liked and connect more and more yet in the process we are becoming more isolated, unaware and disconnected.

We took the installation to the streets of Oakland's Art Murmur as well as Miami's Art Basel. Take a look.