The Levi’s® Music Project supports music education by providing access to educational programs, community resources, and industry-leading professionals to youth around the world.

An opportunity to work around artists who make music that already exists in your iTunes and working with artists in a capacity that is aligned to help others is a mighty fine feeling. When I got the call for this job, I knew it was mine. It had my name written all over it. Music. Hip Hop. Soul. Community. Education. Travel. Lifestyle.

I have been waiting patiently for a job like this. Very patiently. 

And just when you think something is great, you then learn that the production team is a squad of champions and all of a sudden this special something goes from great to GRAND!

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. However, I owe major thank you's to the following people below:

Lien Nguyen of IMPRINT PROJECTS for relentlessly putting in the midnight oil while we worked out all the kinks.

Claire MacDonald + Caroline Conrad for providing the team  with nothing but solid soldiers that have set my standard oh so high! 

Michael Belcher for kindly sharing the space with me and setting a harmonious tone on set.

Diego Marini of Yummy Colours for finding me on the world wide web, trusting me and for speaking with  Claire in Italian and making me want to become trilingual ;) 

La Isabella Bejarano - You calmed my nerves and made me feel like I have a team!! Thank you love!

Lastly, thank you Vince and SZA for being patient with me, being surrounded by good teams and for making great music!!!

Smiling big!



Stylist: Vanna Youngstein

Make-up: Nicole Elle



Stylist: Jazzi McGilbert