Hannah Magazine + Tanzania


It has been a long time dream of mine to travel, take pictures and get those pictures published. I remember the exact moment in Peru; I was in my early 20's, in the back of a truck with my camera strapped around my neck and some dirty Birkenstock's on - I stared at the bright blue sky as I let myself feel how deeply happy I was in that moment. I remember feeling a sincere connection to the idea of travel and photography. I fell in love with the exploration and the newness all around me; new sights, new people, and new cultures - it stuck with me forever. 

Being in Tanzania on assignment for Oxfam brought me right back to that very moment. That moment of manifestation where my dreams, desires and hard work combined themselves into one big, meaningful moment. I feel so blessed that the beauty and brains behind Hannah Magazine, Qimmah Saafir pushed me to write this piece. It is not only my first travel essay but it was my first time in Africa and most certainly will not be my last. 

Oh and I have a million photos from this trip. Stay tuned for that.