Happy New Year! Kind of?! I recently read that "depression is a feeling that stems from shit in the past and anxiety is a feeling that stems from fear of the future" - or something like that.

It stuck with me because in most cases, personally, it is true. Longing for what might have been and intimidated by the unknown. I have never felt this more than I feel now. The fear I have stems from the history and current climate of humankind. My own personal shit feels like crumbs compared to what is happening in the bigger picture. However if I focus only on the bigger picture, I will get lost in the sea. How can I show up for myself, stay focused  and gain the tools I need in order to move through this new terrain?

For now, I need to honor the familiar before I can thrust toward the unknown. The familiar right now is my desire; my desire to learn more, make more, and understand more. Forgiving and letting in all things love. I needed my first shoot of the year to speak to these desires. I needed something new yet something I could relate with. Someone strong, yet graceful - a person who could give me a soulful and valuable exchange.

Faiza Farah was sent to me by my 2016 FIRST SHOOT OF THE YEAR subject, Meredith Webster. Aside from our incredible, mutual friend, we knew very little about one another. By way of her Instagram, I knew she was a like minded person. The rain tried it's best to stop us from shooting but it didn't succeed. We hunted for light and played in the rain while slowly building a friendship that will somehow make us better citizens in our community. I am confident that with foot soldiers like Faiza, this new terrain will be easier to manage. 

Thank you for all that style and grace, Faiza!