Hmm, let's see. I met Adar while working on a production and when you meet people on these jobs, it can be troublesome to remember names. When we were introduced to one another, I asked her to repeat her name so that I didn't mess it up. She spelled it out and explained how to pronounce it, and before she could finish, I cheerfully bursted out into song, "Doe, a deer, a female deer!" You can imagine my reaction soon after let alone hers. Needless to say, comfort zones crossed fast and a friendship began!

Soon after working together we found ourselves on the streets of Brooklyn Heights making pictures just for fun. So much fun that a stop motion gif was made, wine was had, two desserts were ordered and the rest is in the images below. 

Oh and for the record, Adar is pronounced "a dare"....she has a budding furniture business and is a choreographer for the Brooklyn Nets - aka she is flooded with talent.