Maybe I am overthinking this (since I tend to do that alot) but....

The abyss of social networking can be a drag. It is addicting and can be a "hangout" that gets overwhelmingly distant and glutenous. But it sure does have its upsides! In your downtime, you can stumble upon a friend of a friend's "liked" photo and you discover gems like artist, Simon Benjamin.

No matter how hard I resist - being online is the new normal. As I go with the digital flow, I am intrigued by how people present themselves online. However, this curated presentation is only a sliver of who we are - which is why I still have a deep desire to connect offline. I reached out to Simon and met him at his studio. We skimmed the surface of great topics and I left feeling uplifted, inspired and a part of a greater community beyond my Instagram account. 

Thanks for opening your door to a stranger, Simon. And thanks for the daily inspiration of how you see things.