T Y C H O // E P O C H


A major perk of having three older brothers was getting to know their friends that they'd bring around. As time goes by, it is even more exciting to see the ones that have lasted over time. I feel very lucky that one of those friends of my dear brother's happens to be the talented, Scott Hansen of TYCHO

I will never forget when I tagged along with my brother to Scott's apartment back in 2001 or so. (Although we go back to like '88 I think!?!?) He had just finished his CD, The Science of Patterns. I don't know what my brother and I were more mesmerized by; the music or the fact that it was Scott who made the music...not to mention the packaging! From then on, I was hooked. I became a fan - and not just because I knew him - rather because he created the perfect marriage between his melodies and his love for visuals - and all of it spoke to who he was and who he was becoming. His attention to detail and hard work was something that would later become a huge influence in my process and evolution as a photographer. And beyond all of that, my mom always adored him ;) 

There is so much. But I will stop writing and let the music speak for itself.

Thank you guys for being patient with me and giving me this opportunity. 

Cheers to another album, our first shoot and hopefully not our last.


Special thank you to:

Tara Layman & Jeff Colhoun for your expertise.