Who is Pete Forester you may ask?

Well, from my knowledge, he is an intriguing dude with unique qualities. He is a well-read young man who has incredible manners, and was raised right. He lives in Bed-Stuy, he's a strong communicator, is open-minded and easy to talk with. He can make a mean batch of creamy, French-styled scrambled eggs that'll bring you right back to Paris. He collects shoes, writes for Complex, works with an apparel line, has good taste and can tell magical stories that will leave your mind more expanded than Inception. Three minutes before I was leaving the shoot, gear packed, jacket on...he told me his mom is a shaman. *drops mic*

Needless to say. I think this was the first shoot where I wanted to sit, listen and hang out more than I wanted to take photos. So in between our deep conversations about topics that ranged from method acting, cheating men to The Hobbit, some photos were made. 

Thank you for allowing me in your space, Pete and a special thank you to the radiant, Genevieve Gorder for connecting the dots. 

Oh and peep some of the photos and a great write up by Pete on Sole Collector!