This all started by listening to an episode of NPR's Microphone Check and being captivated by Leila Steinberg's calm yet potent demeanor. The words she was saying were thoughtful and the work she has done backed it all up.

At the end of her interview she announced her "one plug of the day" and suggested we all get to know The Artist Hope.

I did my research and damn - was she right.

This songstress has a voice that speaks to the intricate details of some of life's trivial yet enticing emotions. Her song, Wanderer took me right back to my early days of shooting when I would get a feeling from a song and play it on repeat as I drove around chasing light, looking for what I felt.  

I met up with Hope in LA and we shot in her inviting space filled with the kind of light and energy that stays on you for weeks. A few other artists were there and all I have to say is that, those kids are cooking with all the right ingredients. They are simmering on some real, flavorful, soulful and authentic music. It is only a matter of time before they serve us all a healthy portion of their talents.