I have been wanting to shoot the young and talented, Nigel Sylvester for quite some time now.

Thanks to Instagram, it finally happened. 

It was a Sunday morning in West Hollywood, the sun was high but the city was barely awake. After a few texts the night before, Nigel agreed to meet with me at the address I gave him. Neither of us are from LA so I crossed my fingers that he didn't know that he would be meeting me at the largest and most pink wall in Los Angeles.

He showed up, on his bike and had no complaints about my "feminine aesthetic". In fact, while he patiently waited for me to load my film, he humored me while I asked him about things like pop-a-wheelies.

"Is that what they are called?" I asked. 

Bless me.

Bless him.

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P.S. We were even featured on Hypebeast's Instagram feed!