I will spare you the long story of how I got connected with artist, Evan Holm but rest assured that it added to my strong belief in there being no such thing as coincidences. (We can talk about it over some bourbon one day)

The short story goes like this - I have seen many of his installations over the past 4 years that always leave me excited about art in general. Just when I want to throw the towel in and shout, "It's all a scam!", I stumble upon an artist making things from a unique and individual place. AND THEN it turned out he knows one of my favorite people from college so it was all just one big happy NON coincidence. It was only a matter of time before I hounded him to take his picture and get a tiny slice into his process. 

Click the images below to see Evan in his studio and please, go dig around on his website. While your at it, join his newsletter so you can see an installation in real life, remember that?