New Orleans


Where do I even begin? When I think back of my first (and certainly not my last) time in New Orleans, my mind gets filled with memories and my heart fills with love, (hence why I need bullet points for this post). 

  • I was lucky enough to be flown out there for NBA All Star Weekend, which believe it or not paled in comparison, became 2nd in line to my excitement for being in New Orleans. 

  • My first night there, I spent a good amount of cash in an establishment with the nicest bartender who schooled me on how to pronounce New Orleans. Nawlins. NOT New OR-LEANS. Bless her.

  • Have  you ever been somewhere for less than one day and known you could live there?

  • The people. Their resilience, their spirits...

  • The spirits! The palm readers, the voodoo, the above ground cemeteries!

  • Beignets...(I just had to Google how to spell that and butchered it so bad that even Google couldn't decode my attempts)

  • Oh whatever, this is why writers write and photographers take pictures.

  • Click below for a taste of my trip.