Tabitha Soren // New Website


Working alongside another photographer as their assistant can be both demanding and rewarding. (Similar to my one year teaching middle school)

You are constantly keeping up with someone else's ins and outs while trying to balance your own. You spend a whole day on one project with no interruptions besides the dreadful spinning wheel on a Mac and paper jams in the printer.

You read manuals and teach yourself shit you never thought you would know. You troubleshoot.

Sometimes you do a great job and other times, you mess up. You listen to music and episodes of This American Life while plugging away at a plethora of tasks. You feel that necessary things like eating and taking a break to go pee are a nuisance - so naturally, you eat lunch at the computer. 

You want them to like  you. You want them to like your work. 

Weeks go by where you watch their ideas develop. Version after version you watch and help them plug away at projects. You begin to see that their commitment to making art is relentless and that energy rubs off on you.

You're constantly inspired. Eagerly, you work on personal projects the moment you get off work in hopes to keep the creative momentum at full speed. 

You do all of this because you are curious and because you are dedicated. You believe in someone's process and genuinely want to see their work live somewhere besides the four walls of their studio. 

You do all of this because you want the same thing for yourself. 

Congratulations on your new website, Tabitha. The hard work paid off.

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