One of the things I say to myself (and the cosmos) when gaining clarity on what I would like to manifest is,

"help me become the woman I am supposed to be, doing the work I am supposed to be doing, surrounded by the people I should be surrounded by..."  

Being amongst the grip of talent and vision on WOMEN PHOTOGRAPH is not only an honor but it truly is a manifested dream. 

Click below to learn more about this resource for female documentary and editorial photographers and the people who would like to hire them. 

A special thank you to Daniella Zalcman  for the unity and vision. Big love. 






When someone shows you something new with bright and enthusiastic energy and is patient with you - they are not only helping you learn your craft - they are seeing you. That acknowledgment means the world to me and is why my true mentors feel like family members more than anything else; they are a massive part of my growth and process.

Happy to have partnered up with Mentorly, a marketplace where artists can easily connect and inspire each other through mentorship.

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Nothing makes me more excited than finding some film and having no idea what is on it. In this roll there were pockets of Tanzania and slices of a day trip to Nicasio Valley. I love this shit.

Hannah Magazine + Tanzania


It has been a long time dream of mine to travel, take pictures and get those pictures published. I remember the exact moment in Peru; I was in my early 20's, in the back of a truck with my camera strapped around my neck and some dirty Birkenstock's on - I stared at the bright blue sky as I let myself feel how deeply happy I was in that moment. I remember feeling a sincere connection to the idea of travel and photography. I fell in love with the exploration and the newness all around me; new sights, new people, and new cultures - it stuck with me forever. 

Being in Tanzania on assignment for Oxfam brought me right back to that very moment. That moment of manifestation where my dreams, desires and hard work combined themselves into one big, meaningful moment. I feel so blessed that the beauty and brains behind Hannah Magazine, Qimmah Saafir pushed me to write this piece. It is not only my first travel essay but it was my first time in Africa and most certainly will not be my last. 

Oh and I have a million photos from this trip. Stay tuned for that. 




When I saw that The Amplifier Project was having a call for art for the Women's March, I submitted with a quickness. A large part of me knew that my work would not get chosen simply because I knew we needed stronger graphics for the large scale event. However, I entered anyway with the intent to submit my name and let the people behind the movement know that I saw them and respected the idea. I wanted to be a part of this someway or another. 

Fast forward to after the march, and I received an email saying that my submission was chosen for a group show! I am beyond grateful to be a part of this exhibition. Not only will my photos be surrounded by great, meaningful work from artists who are incredible, but I feel solid knowing that the intent of this whole project is to bring awareness to the cause of us women. 

I sigh numerous times a day that we are even dealing with all of this bullshit but for every deep sigh is a spark of inspiration knowing that we are wide awake. 

If you are in Seattle, please make it out to the show! DETAILS HERE


Thursday, February 2, 6-9pm: Opening Reception

Show is up February 2 – 25

CoCA is located at 114 Third Ave S., Seattle, WA



Six impressive, teenagers were awarded a Creative Code Apprenticeship to work alongside two Creative Code women artists and develop an interactive artwork for the renowned Dolby Laboratories' Digital Ribbon Screen on Market Street in San Francisco. Over the course of 10 weeks, the six Bay Area girls explored how to use web development, data visualization, generative art, gaming, and interactive media to create new works of art that tell their own story.

Photographing beautiful brains and all the radiance and confidence that comes with that was an inspiring experience. Hearing them reflect as they talked about their work, process, growth and what they learned as young coders, artists and collaborators was pretty damn powerful. But the caliber of the work they developed alongside their mature eloquence and articulation had me lost in an empowered trance. If you don't know by now....

The future is female.  Get with it.