This is my second time working with EchoSight and my first time working with Isabella Bejarano...and certainly not my last!

The images below are the result of what happens when two long time friends and photographers get off their computers, go back to the basics, work with transparencies and spend time together to chop and screw their work!

Having gone from posting without thinking to being obsessive about curating our social media presence - we wanted to go back to the basics of photography and why we love making images without seeking “likes”. By solely focusing on the fundamental elements of design and art we experimented and made something completely new and exciting for both of us.

This project forced us to let go and gave us room to be playful. Above all, we got a huge dose of inspiration and energy that only collaborations can give you. Enjoy!



This is Denise. I met her while waiting for a train. She and I stood in the only patch of sun along the tracks. She saw me pull out my camera, laughed and said, "I saw you walking and figured you were the artist type". I was flattered and she allowed me to take this photo.

Naturally, we began to chat and our small talk got real, fast. When I asked where she was headed, she replied, "Home. My sister just died. It's time to go home". I looked at her, wound the film and she nodded at me and looked up. I took this photo seconds later. Afterwards we walked on the train, sat in the row across from one another and didn't say a word the whole way home. The experience was a strong reminder that you never know what people are going through.



Maybe I am overthinking this (since I tend to do that alot) but....

The abyss of social networking can be a drag. It is addicting and can be a "hangout" that gets overwhelmingly distant and glutenous. But it sure does have its upsides! In your downtime, you can stumble upon a friend of a friend's "liked" photo and you discover gems like artist, Simon Benjamin.

No matter how hard I resist - being online is the new normal. As I go with the digital flow, I am intrigued by how people present themselves online. However, this curated presentation is only a sliver of who we are - which is why I still have a deep desire to connect offline. I reached out to Simon and met him at his studio. We skimmed the surface of great topics and I left feeling uplifted, inspired and a part of a greater community beyond my Instagram account. 

Thanks for opening your door to a stranger, Simon. And thanks for the daily inspiration of how you see things. 





One of the things I say to myself (and the cosmos) when gaining clarity on what I would like to manifest is,

"help me become the woman I am supposed to be, doing the work I am supposed to be doing, surrounded by the people I should be surrounded by..."  

Being amongst the grip of talent and vision on WOMEN PHOTOGRAPH is not only an honor but it truly is a manifested dream. 

Click below to learn more about this resource for female documentary and editorial photographers and the people who would like to hire them. 

A special thank you to Daniella Zalcman  for the unity and vision. Big love. 






When someone shows you something new with bright and enthusiastic energy and is patient with you - they are not only helping you learn your craft - they are seeing you. That acknowledgment means the world to me and is why my true mentors feel like family members more than anything else; they are a massive part of my growth and process.

Happy to have partnered up with Mentorly, a marketplace where artists can easily connect and inspire each other through mentorship.

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