It’s no coincidence that my last name is CREW. 

My eclectic, soulful family (three older brothers and these trailblazers) travelled from coast to coast like a pack of wolves. This unity paved the way to seek collaboration with unique and inspiring people. 

Since I can't make music, I make photographs. Photography is a language that I understand and like music, it helps me communicate and connect with people on an emotional level.  

I love swimming, stickers and street art. When I am not taking pictures, I spend a grip of time in galleries and on the computer looking at all of your amazing work - so thank you in advance for the inspiration. 

Feel free to contact me to collaborate, take a picture or two, or lay on the ground and stare at the sky while discussing the cosmos. And if you have a hard time finding me as I hop from coast to coast - just invite me out for pizza.